Candidates keen to distance themselves after Eggheads catastrof**k

Posted: February 10, 2012 in News

Team Phoenix: The worst quiz team in over 600 episodes of Eggheads.

Spin rooms up and down DH1 are in a state of frenzy tonight as all four presidential candidates were denying allegations of being considered friends with the members of Team Phoenix, having ever  spoken to them, having even recognised their existence prior to the airing of the programme and having ever even considered asking or caring for their vote. Election observers have noticed that some of the candidates have altered their Facebook photos in a Soviet style purge, so as to avoid accusations of being influenced or advised by officially the worst quiz team in history.

All this comes after Chris Higgins, Vice Chancellor of Durham released a statement in the immediate aftermath of the show, which was broadcast to 2.5 million people up and down the country, saying: ‘They have disgraced themselves, they have disgraced their colleges, they have disgraced this proud University. They are dead to me.’ Sir Thomas Allen, in one of his first acts as Chancellor, is said to be sending letterbombs to each and every member of Team Phoenix in an attempt to wipe their legacy from the record books.

The saga has allowed for some common ground between candidates who are said to be currently holding backroom discussions with Swifty (C), Crow, McMinigal, Coleman-Cooke and Haworth requesting that they remain apolitical through the rest of the campaign in the knowledge that their vote is politically toxic.

Blackjack & Red Fox

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